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The miniature sculptures carved from bone (mammoth, walrus tusk, etc) and displayed here are the focus of the artist's creativity. The most of them are the product of the artist's imagination and hand;  and some are copies from well-known art works with some innovations and modifications introduced by the artist.  

Cabinet sculpture Fight, 2015 Materials and technique: mammoth tusk sculpture, with a fumed oak stand and a fumed oak box (velvet, brass latches,a silver engraving of a wild boar head on the top). The sculpture to be safely placed in a box carved of wood and decorated with a metal engraving of a wild boar head. Such accessories create a special atmosphere about the sculpture - a worthy piece of art,made of precious and natural materials,all handmade. A kind of ''cradle'' for the artist's creation in which it can be safely kept or handed over to an art-lover or a…
This is a composition of a chase of a wild boar by wolves. It is carved into the mammoth tusk which is fixed onto the wooden stand. The animals are caught in movement, and make the focus of the composition. Besides, the background of the forest is of no less importance in this scene, which can be observed in careful and detailed finish of the branches and leaves and their position enhancing the tension of the scene.  
This is a composition of a chase of a big moose and wolves carved into the mammoth tusk, fixed onto the wooden stand.  
These two wolves fighting are carved on moufflon horn fixed to a blackwood stand, the composition in general is a stand for a hunting knife (damascus steel).   The carved horn has a nice caramel and honey colour and wonderful tints and plays of colour can be seen under different light. 
This composition of a wolf chasing a wild boar is carved in mammoth tusk and placed on a stand carved in wood. Natural colouring is applied.
This sculpture carved in mammoth tusk is the author's  creative design aimed at conveying the idea of mankind's wrong treatment of the wolf as a horrible and cold-blooded beast and monster who instead is a creature with delicate psychology, pack and family-oriented, kind, delicate and soft with cubs.