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The miniature sculptures carved from bone (mammoth, walrus tusk, etc) and displayed here are the focus of the artist's creativity. The most of them are the product of the artist's imagination and hand;  and some are copies from well-known art works with some innovations and modifications introduced by the artist.  

This Wild life scene is carved on moufflon horn. The scene represents two wolves and a deer fighting. The carving looks rather delicate and light thanks to flowing lines, eleborated tree branches and the soft colour of the material.
My interpretation in bone carving of Albrecht Durer's Praying Hands
This sculpture is carved of walrus tusk and placed on a stand made of blackwood. The scene represents a wild boar and dogs, below is carved an old trunk with a small martin hiding in it from all the turmoil around. The size is 8 cm height and 12 cm length.